Restored Hope Counseling Services
Helping Families Live in Joy and Harmony
Restored Hope Counseling - Helping Individuals, Couples and Families to resolve problems in three areas.

Restoration begins with knowing who one is, resolute to understand the ways to feel and fully express feelings.  The client is encouraged to be entirely responsible for how they act or react to their world.  The client allows him/her self to experience a new, wondrous and exciting adventurous life.  Each client lives courageously with movement, stamina and lots of fun

The client strives to have deep, enduring connections with those in their world.  Generously encouraging family and friends into living lives of fullness, and courage through full communication of who they are “being” and what they are “becoming”.  Restoration comes from adopting expeditious behavior

The client is encouraged to make a difference, being responsible for creating contribution, learning, re-creation and joy.   Each client is fully supported in creating their best world.
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